Back                                                John Atkins
                                               Equine, Sporting & Wildlife Painter & Sculptor, Middleham

John lived and worked in the centre of Middleham and was inspired by the sight of racehorses passing daily beneath his studio windows on their way to the gallops.
His works have been shown in London at the Osborne Studio Gallery, the Alexandra Gallery and the Mall Galleries.
He contributed paintings to be used as illustrations for the well known racing guide 'Travelling the Turf'.

In addition to portraits of horses and dogs he was commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund, the BBC and Anglia Television to sculpt bronze figures
 of various animals to be used as trophies for their biennial film festival, "Wildscreen" and presented at the television awards ceremonies...

Here are some examples of John's work many showing local horses working against the background of the High and Low Moors above Middleham Town.

Sadly John died in 2012 a great loss to Middleham and the art world..

'Rainy Day - Middleham'

'Sedgefield - Second circuit!'

'Round the Bend'

'Sedgefield - coming in after the race'

'From my studio window'

'Pen Hill and the High Moor in snow'

'Middleham in the snow'
(Available only in Limited Edition Print)

'Middleham -  Low moor gallops'