Whatever the weather!
Some of Trooper Middleham's stablemates in January 2013 on duty every week to mount the Queens Life Guard at Whitehall

March 2016

An update on Trooper Middleham's progress during the last year.
He has just been sent over top Germany for a year with his rider,
Lance Corporal of Horse Bishop who has been posted to Paderborn
to run the Army Saddle Club there.

(These pictures are by kind permission of the Household Cavalry for our publication.)


 A couple of photos of him in 2016 competing in a show jumping competition at the Household Cavalry summer training camp in Norfolk, ridden by the Squadron Corporal Major of the Blues & Royals, George Sampson

Military working horse Middleham has continued to go from strength to strength this year. He spent the summer of 2016 conducting public duties and state ceremonial as a divisional horse on a soggy State Opening of Parliament, Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday Celebrations in Windsor (televised on ITV) and an historic Queen’s Birthday Parade for the Sovereign in her 90th year. During Regimental Training in Norfolk Middleham became the chosen horse of the Blues and Royals Squadron Corporal Major, WO2 George Sampson. This stellar pairing managed to place in both the senior ranks and Open Day show jumping competitions; the latter in front of a crowd of some 7000 ringside spectators. After a spell of summer leave in a Leicestershire field Middleham returned to work and the warm embrace of his longest running rider, Corporal of Horse Michael McGrath of the Riding Staff. CoH McGrath, newly returned from Germany, arrived to take over as the Blues and Royals Squadron senior equitation instructor and, in doing so, soon set the bar very high. He and Middleham achieved spectacular results at the Royal Tournament Inter-Services Show Jumping, challenging the Riding Master who went on to win at Olympia on a much more seasoned horse. Middleham remains a firm favourite in the Squadron and, under the care of CoH McGrath is invariably pampered more than any other horse in the Blues and Royals.
While Middleham continues to jump, parade and canter into the next ceremonial season his riders will often have an even more varied future. All Household Cavalrymen are first and foremost combat soldiers. After 18 months providing the Queen’s mounted bodyguard they typically move to the operational regiment where they hone skills as reconnaissance tank drivers and gunners, or as snipers, signallers and machine gunners. This year alone the Regiment has seen men serving in countries as far flung as Kenya, South Korea, Brunei and Canada; preparing for the conflict zones of the future.
The Household Cavalry is humbled by the residents and supporters of the Middleham racing community for their continued interest in our horses and our soldiers, and thank you for your very kind donations. Every penny raised for the Household Cavalry Foundation goes towards our wounded, our veterans and our bereaved families as well as helping improve the lives of our horses. We hope that the money raised may, in some small way, one day go toward ensuring Middleham has the retirement he deserves in the greenest of fields.
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